We are now entering in a new era where our knowledge of the dental sciences may be exploited for novel approaches to dentistry, however, such approaches need to be built upon and partnered with more traditional approaches.

In Pakistan, there is a National Health Policy 2009 but it does not address oral health. Only one document on oral health has been published with the collaboration of World Health Organization (WHO), “Oral Health in Pakistan—A Situation Analysis”. Research activities are less appreciated and rewarding than the more developed countries.

The PADR is committed to bring the benefits of International Association of Dental Research (IADR) to all Pakistani dental community.  The Association offers an opportunity to researchers, clinicians and students across the country to share their research findings as well as networking.  Since its launch, the number of memberships has been growing and the Association is organizing conferences, seminars and symposiums for dental community. It is also providing opportunities to young researchers to present their work on world forum in the form of Unilever Hatton Award.