Second pre-conference workshop entitled, “Nasoalveolar Moulding” (NAM) of 7th Pak Association for Dental Research and 8th Pakistan Prosthodontics Association International Dental Conference was held on 13th October, 2021. The workshop was facilitated by Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali Chughtai and Assistant Professor Dr. Mariya Khalid. The lectures were delivered on the conventional and digital techniques for the NAM appliance. The hand -on session covered all steps from recording impression to the fabrication of appliance passing through different stages of moulding. Mrs. Kabir, vice Chancellor of Gandhara University graced the occasion for souvenir distribution. Dr. Hamza Rehman Khattak, Dr. Awais Ahmad, Dr. Faizan, Dr. Sarah Ihsan , Dr.Hijab Moeen , Dr. Maryam Iltaf , Dr. Madeena Raheed participated thoroughly for smooth organization of this workshop. please fina attached few glimpses and feed back of this workshop.

Organizing team of PADR and PPA international dental conference 2021 is deeply humbled by the appreciation and support offered by the whole fraternity. Here are a few glimpses and feedback responses of the first workshop on, “ Digital Smile Design” held on 6th October 2021 in SArdar Begum Dental College, Gandhara University Peshawar. The workshop was facilitated by Assistant Professor Dr. Asifullah Qureshi, Assistant Professor Dr. Ehtesham Khan and Dr. Faisal Ahsan. The workshop was successful due to meticulous preparations by Professor Dr. Mohammad Ali Chughtai, Assistant professor Dr. Mariya Khalid, Dr. Faizan, Dr. Hamza Rehman Khattak and Dr. Awais Ahmad.Souvenir distribution ceremony was was chaired by Vice Chancellor of Gandhara University, Prof Dr Ijaz Khattak.