• To promote the multi-disciplinary field of dentistry
  • To raise the standard of dental science, clinical practice and to promote among dentists
  • To provide a forum for fostering the community concerned with dentistry within Pakistan and to promote the views of the community
  • To promote dento-oral research among dentists/clinicians, researchers, fellows, and students and to promote postgraduate dental teaching (clinical and research)
  • To enlighten and educate the public on dentistry, oral health and prevention.
  • To arrange and/or facilitate meetings and other activities designed to assist in the education of researchers and clinicians with an interest in dentistry
  • To correspond, associate, cooperate and collaborate with other dental and professional bodies throughout the world to further the cause of the profession and the members of this Section.
  • To encourage the participation of members in international dental related societies and conferences
Prof. Dr. Hina Zafar Raja
President PADR 2019-2021
Prof. Dr. Nasir Saleem
President PADR 2017-2018
Dr. Farhan Raza Khan
President PADR 2016-2017
Prof. Dr. Arshad Hassan
President PADR 2015-2016
Prof. Dr. Imran Rahbar
President PADR 2014-2015
Prof. Dr. Abdul Mueed Zaigham
President PADR 2013-2014
Prof. Dr. Ayyaz Ali Khan
President PADR 2011-2012